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Pink Lipgloss 
10:44am 16/08/2008
  Lil Mama, rap...and piglets...of course!


(Cracker for Polly?)

Goodbye Suddenly 
04:58am 10/07/2008
  my first music video
a closure piece for my last relationship


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hangman homicide 
10:58am 07/04/2008
  a morbid twist on the hangman game.
made by my evil clone-- georgiewong.

if doesn't embed-- go to this link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Qcvk-hULNvE


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hot as Hell...but she scares me sometimes 
03:22pm 05/04/2008
mood: distressed
Some of you may recall my list "Behold the Power of Boobs"...but if not here ya go: Clicky!

Well, watch her wiggleTassy·Pink had a small issue with the one that went Boobs are a lot like snowflakes...with the exception that you can't smoosh a bunch together and throw them at people and decided to display evidence to the contrary.


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okay, I was trying to spare you all but we're past that now 
10:44am 05/04/2008
mood: scared
LJ is host to a cute animals community and an ugly animals community, the latter of which I moderate. During the course of preparing stuff for the two I discovered hairless cats: the Sphynx and the Kohona. Generally the 1st looks decent enough and the other looks all sorts of wrong.

On one side of the spectrum we have this cute lil' sphynx kitty.

then there's the other end of the spectrumCollapse )

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we have a winner! 
10:05am 05/04/2008
mood: indescribable

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think I've finally gone over to the bad place 
09:44am 04/04/2008
mood: high

Happy | Sad | Angry

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Pretty simple:
  • Download your own set (still having hosting issues) from the display link.

  • Find a handy place to host the mood set.

  • Use the Mood Theme Editor to set it up.

  • Prefer you download your own set but you may direct link at your own risk.

Direct linking with dimensions:

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not sure how I missed this one yesterday 
11:01am 02/04/2008
mood: mischievous
Quite possibly the best of all the April Fool's Day links

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Predator vs. Tribble 
09:23am 01/04/2008
mood: crazy
8:50 PM 3/31/08 · I promised someone, who shall remain nameless, that I'd get this done for April Fool's Day. Been in my head for weeks, had kinda intended to not be writing it the night before...

I would just like to say that if you are by any stretch a Predator fan then you should absolutely not ever look under this LJ·cutCollapse )

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Interesting Interests 
04:00pm 28/03/2008
mood: crazy
1:00 PM 3/21/08 · This may or may not have to do with the fact that I just saw Whoopi Goldberg on Bravo, which I'll be trying to track down through Brightcove.com later, but I really can't see how. This'd be one of my challenge posts, which will go far and long through a range of communities, but that's not really important to this.

Among a number of the upgrades LJ has made over the last year is displaying the communities that come up in an interests search in order of activity; most active to least. So, here's what we're going to do...

...or I'm going to ask you to and then it's up to you if you do it.

1) Goto your interest list.
2) Pick your favorite interest and click on it.

Advice: Try to pick an interest that's actually a link. Some (sad, pathetic, lonely) people have unique ones that just kinda sit there with no link because no one else shares it.

I know, I have a couple.

Now, the questions!
  • If you skim to the very last community listed...what is it and how long ago was the last post to it?

  • Goto the community, click on the friendslist link...are there still any active members or is it a blank page?

Some communities are created that no one has ever posted to, listed simply as (Never Updated). Those don't count.

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oh that's so very perfect 
04:18pm 26/03/2008
mood: high
you have to look under here · if you don't you'll regret itCollapse )

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Can't have Easter without Jesus & Zombies 
11:39am 23/03/2008
mood: mischievous
look not under here lest you risk your mortal soulCollapse )

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Easter is the one time we're all safe! 
09:15am 23/03/2008
mood: weird
Happy Multi·Colored Bunny Eggs Day

Up until I find something better...I've literally been posting this same vid the last 3 years running.

(Cracker for Polly?)

unsane, beyond sanity, but not insane 
10:53am 20/03/2008
mood: hyper
don't do it...you'll never forgive yourselfCollapse )

(Cracker for Polly?)

12:12pm 14/08/2006
  Hello there, boys and girls. I'm here to tell you all about this great new website, GayWitchesForAbortions.com.

It's funny.

It's controversial.

It's hip.

It's chic.

It's the best damned thing goin today!

Listen to these actual testimonials of visitors to GayWitchesForAbortions.com.

No bullshit! Real feedback!

"Is this some sort of sick joke?"

"Like Whoa..."

"I just spent forever reading everything here! God I love this site already!"

"That was terrible. Not even funny ironically."

"an interesting site to say the least!"

"That site is the best one I've been to in a long while. Thanks for the laughs!"

"What the hell man? Homoerotic, much?"

"There's a special place in hell for the guys behind this site."

You heard 'em. Now see for yourself. Shatter the boundaries of political correctness!


Thank you.... and goodnight.

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Slappity Bam - Clump 3 
01:40pm 10/08/2006

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Mr Conspicuous: The Man With the Plastic Hat. 
05:09pm 14/07/2006
  Mr Conspicuous: The Man With the Plastic Hat.


A friggin' hilarious short film made by some friends of mine. It was for a short film contest, they only had a month to make it and that was in between being uber busy with other stuff so all things considered... I think it's bloody brilliant! Go check it out and feel free to give them some feedback - I know they'd be grateful!

P.S. Here's the poster and wallpaper! http://heartlesscorp.livejournal.com/1656.html

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check it out 
08:07pm 28/04/2004
  You think that you are unique? We have no problem telling you the truth.. Check us out. It will be a good time..


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11:46pm 03/02/2004
  japanese translation game  

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03:59pm 01/02/2004
  how bored are you?  

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