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weird_is_us's Journal

The domain of weird, randomness, and amusement.
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Hello, I am David(sir_percival). I am the maintainer of this community. I own you. You worship me. You give me anything i want.

Enough with your responsibilities. This community is inspired by a few friends i have, yes, im sure they know who the arey. This community is for anything weird, or random, or anything amusing.

As i own this community I also control the evil flying monkeys that was given to us by Livejournal, so anyone annoying me, will recieve a visit from the monkeys, or perhaps the evil burger lord.

Now the rules in the community?, pfft, there are none, But if you wish to post rather large posts please use the "lj-cut text="suck me"" with the outter two " replaced with < and >.

Dont you love my run on sentences. I sure do. Im excited.

That is all...

for now

*evil laugh*